Sunday, July 29, 2012


So I thought I would start this blog to introduce everyone to my one of a kind pet fashion. But then i thought all though my fashion is fun and adorable I might add I thought it a good idea to talk about other things then just my fashion for pets. Maybe you would like to know a little about me. Okay maybe you could care less but I will tell you anyway :). I am the proud mother of 5 rescue doggies. There is Boo Boo who is my first born he is a toy poodle.  I used to do human hair and one of my customers had him. He did not want him so he kept him outside all the time. The guy also had a pet wolf and he had to keep them apart so the wolf didn't eat Boo Boo. We had major flooding around here a few years back. Well they had Boo out in the yard during the floods. The poor thing didn't even look like a dog when i got him. My husband was not happy with me for bringing Boo home. I kinda did'nt tell him i just came home with this little hot mess under my arm. Well my husband got over it and he is now madly in love with Boo. This is a photo of Chuckie (the husband) and Boo Boo after we gave him a mohawk :).

Next I got Becker. My mother in law originaly rescued him. She lived across the yard from us in an apartment. When she would go to work she would bring Becker to our house so he could play with Boo Boo instead of being alone all day. Well Becker would sneak out of her house all the time and come to mine. Eventually she thought it better if he just lived with us because he liked having Boo Boo around. Here is Becker in a shirt. This is rare because he hates clothes. All you have to say is Becker you want to get dressed and he runs under the bed LOL. All the other dogs hate to be naked but Becker would rather be naked.
Ok next on the list my little Honey. Honey was a customer from the grooming shop i work at. The lady could not keep him so I said oh ill take him I will give him to my mom for mothers day. LOL not so much. Honey is not what we call friendly. He had a bit of an attitude when I first picked him up. Dont get me wrong he still has an attitude but not as bad LOL. Anyway I brought him to my mothers the night i picked him up and well he went after her other dog Wiggles. So mommy kicked us out LOL. Mean while I was already in love with him so I knew i was keeping him My husband on the other hand did not know this because he kept saying "Jennifer you are not keeping that dog". I would just say " Oh yeah I know. Im not keeping him" but we all knew i was. The next day i got him a travel bag had his hair cut like a lion you know because he is crazy and a little mean LOL. Well that was like 3 or 4 years ago and he is a perfect doggie :) He has 2 play pens and a bunch of travel bags. He loves to be dressed we are just waiting for the weather to cool off so doesnt have to be naked all the time. He loves to go bye bye grandmas he loves her dog Wiggles now. My mom always says she wants him now but I tell her sorry you had your chance but you kicked us out. Here is a photo of my little Honey
Ok a few years after we got Honey there was a customer at the grooming shop who has 2 dogs well oneday she calls and says she doesnt want Coco anymore. She had her for like 5 years and she was keeping the one dog and getting rid of Coco. I will never understand how you can get rid of your pets but whatever. So I told my husband i will foster her untill i find her a home. I did have every intention to find her a home I sware. But i kinda got attached to her right away. So again my husband would say "Jen your not keeping that dog". I would bring her to work with me everyday "trying to find her a home". Meanwhile a lot of customers were like Ill take her and I would say oh no your not getting my dog. It took my husband about a week to realize I was keeping her. I was so glad when he figured it out then i didnt have to bring her to work everyday with me anymore. Here is a photo of Coco and Boo Boo. Coco is the only girl but she is the one none of the other dogs mess with. They know better LOL

Ok last but not least is Bruno. I have olny had him now for 2 weeks. We got a call at work from this crazy lad that Teresa the owner of the grooming shop knows. I know the lady too but i really dont like her shes a bit of a bitch. Anyway she said someone found this little dog in a house the people moved out and left him behind. Who knows for how long he was in the house with no food and no water. I just dont get people how could you just leave your dog or any pet and know you are never coing back? Anyway by the time he got to the shop that night i was already home. Teresa called me and said he was in bad shape he was skinny as hell and was loaded with fleas. I told her to bring him to me once she got the flea problem taken care of. They got all the fleas off him it took a few hours and then she brought him to me. He has fattend up a bit since he got here and he is a happy baby. He is such a good boy. Chuck said i couldnt keep him but i think he knows we are keeping him. He is not going anywhere and I think Chuck has come to accept him :) Here is a photo of Bruno this is when he first came to me.

Well there are all my kids. Arent they cute? You will be seeing them all dressed up in the my blog too. Have a good night everyone I have to get to sleep because I will be getting up early to work on more dog clothes.